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claude hay
australian blues guitarist and loop artist claude hay fuses slide guitar, sitar, bass and electronic beats in a loop-driven edge-of-the-seat show that invokes the best of stomping traditional blues with a funk-dance edge. his new release, deep fried satisfied, showcases claude as the ultimate do-it-yourselfer, honing his craft with self-built instruments and undeniable talent.
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gigs & new releases

03-17-10: titans of ahm! - cheaper than love cd reissue OUT NOW!

03-31-10: kingsizemidget - quartersizedoublealbum ep reissue OUT NOW!

09-21-10: claude hay - deep fried satisfied cd

10-19-10: the sleep-ins - songs about girls & outer space cd

02-21-11: mozaika - mozaika cd

03-15-11: titans of ahm! - torpor cd

04-12-11: lonesomerobot - dulce periculum ep

08-15-11: kingsizemidget - azimuth cd

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ingot rock is an independent record label and music production company in asheville, north carolina.

ingot rock could be any of the following: indie rock, indie pop, alternative, blues/roots, modern rock, electronic, experimental, instrumental and acoustic music. with a strange sense of humor.

australian and american artists associated with ingot rock include the sleep-ins, claude hay, titans of ahm!, mozaika, lonesomerobot, kingsizemidget, 11ad, the raydons and jupiterboy.

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Claude Hay

  • Friday, July 23

    Claude Hay @ The Bridge Tavern, Wagga Wagga

  • Saturday, July 24

    Claude Hay supporting Dallas Frasca in Melbourne's Revolver Upstairs

  • Saturday, August 28

    Claude Hay @ Blue Cow Bistro, Perisher

    Claude Hay @ The Station Way, Jindabyne

  • Sunday, August 29

    Claude Hay @ Jax, Perisher Valley

    Claude Hay @ The Station Resort, Jindabyne

  • Tuesday, August 31

    Claude Hay @ Jax, Perisher Valley

    Claude Hay @ Basil's, Perisher

  • Wednesday, September 1

    Claude Hay @ The Station Resort, Jindabyne

  • Friday, September 3

    Claude Hay @ Brumby Bar, Jindabyne

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Claude Hay - Deep Fried Satisfied